There are so many big emotions and events, but also those soft quiet moments in between. I'm here not just to capture it all, but to tell your love story. I want you to look back at your photos years later and be able to get lost in your day all over again. 

Your wedding day is a day that you'll think back on your entire life.

I’d give up wine before I gave up coffee. I’m a secret nerd who named the tables at her wedding after places from Game of Thrones, and walked down the aisle to a song from The Hobbit.
 I listen to murder podcasts while I edit photos, and secretly watch the Kardashians, but don’t tell.

I have social anxiety and i'm awkward AF, except behind the camera, that’s where I feel the most like myself.

Lifestyle photography and capturing genuine moments of connection is what lights me up. My love for capturing emotion and connection led me to found Whole Heart Photography in 2015. 

a little more about me

"Christie not only took phenomenal photos, but what really set her apart was her ability to make us feel completely at ease and comfortable in front of the camera."